1. Initial Meeting - Learning About Each Other

The purpose of this initial, complimentary meeting is to learn about each other. I want to hear about your vision and expectations for this project and gather preliminary information about the site/existing home, scope of work, budget, timeline and any other parameters. I want you to learn about the vision and values of Heflin Construction, how we manage projects, and how we communicate with our customers.

2. Professional Services Agreement - Preparation For a Contract

The Professional Services Agreement is a fee-based agreement which outlines in detail the scope of work and budget required prior to construction. If you decide that Heflin Construction is the builder for you, upon signing the contract, the contract and estimation fees will be credited to you. The professional services agreement includes:

a. A conceptual plan.

b. Specifications and a preliminary line-item budget with items chosen by customer during the specification/estimate process included and allowances given for items not pre-chosen by customer.

c. Working drawings.

d. Preparation of construction contract.

The cost for the Professional Services Agreement varies based on the size and scope of the project. The drawings and documents generated by the Professional Services Agreement are yours and can be used with any custom home builder or remodeler you choose. Of course, it is our hope that we earn your trust during this process and you choose Heflin Construction as your contractor.

3. Construction Contract – Our Commitment

The construction contract will include a detailed scope of work, specifications, cost, start and finish dates, warranty information, and payment schedule. When the contract is executed, you will be provided with access to a Co-Construct account, which both you and Heflin Construction will use to communicate about your project. With Co-Construct, we both have constant access to real-time budget, timeline, selections and other information about your project. The executed contract will include a credit for the fees for the estimate and contract preparation.

4. Projection Execution – The Build

With Heflin Construction, you are promised consistent communication, daily on-site project management, access to your project manager and superintendent, and real-time project information and updates through Co-Construct. It is our goal for you to be as engaged as possible throughout the process. We want you to be excited as you see the vision for your home materialize.

5. Post Construction – What Comes Next

Heflin Construction allows you an extended walk-through after taking occupancy of your new home. You have 30 days to live there before compiling a final punch list. We work together with you to identify items that need attention and set a timeline to complete the punch list as quickly as possible. We provide continued support through our warranty and with instructional materials about the appliances and systems in your home. Heflin Construction service continues long after construction ends.

Ready to build?

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